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The delightfully scenic and curvaceous Hana Highway (state route 360) along Maui's northeast shore is one of Hawaii's major tourist attractions, and accordingly inspires a lot of T-shirt designs. It also is the subject of numerous web sites, including my own Hana Highway photo collection (part of the Hawaii Highways site's Road Photos collection), full of photos and other information about the highway.

I found this at Hasagawa's General Store in Hana, which did so much to popularize the Hana Highway, in 1999 during my first Hawaii vacation. The road isn't as bad as depicted above (it's all paved, and mostly two-lane except for several dozen one-lane bridges), but supposedly used to be pretty treacherous before it was tamed somewhat for the tourists.

Hasagawa's also sells this popular bumper sticker.

Across the highway in Hana, I got this T-shirt at the Hotel Hana-Maui gift shop in 2005.

I bought these two shirts at a shop in Paia village (I believe it was Inspirations), on my 2001 vacation, near the beginning of the Hana Highway.

On my 2005 vacation, I got this T-shirt at Just You and Me Kid down the street in Paia. This one works in lots of traditional tourist souvenir themes, including the road sign exaggerating the highway's twistiness, the driver's "hang loose" hand gesture, the surfboards on top, and the saying on the bottom line that means "Maui is the best."

I also stopped by Jaggers in Paia and picked up this shirt with a rather antique picture of the village and the Hana Highway passing through it (without the now-constant congestion on the highway).

This one I got at Maui's main airport in 2000, in a last buying binge before returning to the mainland.

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