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I am Oscar Voss (photos), in Arlington, Virginia */. I'm a retired lawyer who used to work in downtown Washington, D.C. I'm a "road geek," talking a lot about roads in the AARoads forum, and also doing road trips (covering lots of territory, and many interesting places). My major trips include visits to hot springs, most (and best) of which are out West. The following links will take you to my sites relating to those interests:

Hawaii Highways (version 2.5) Hot Springs
Guide to the Hawaii highway system, with route lists, freeway exit lists, and Frequently Asked Questions pages covering topics such as "why does Hawaii have Interstates?" Also here are over 330 Hawaii road photos (with many more to be added), including several photos pages focusing on subjects such as scenic Interstate H-3 on Oahu, and Maui's curvaceous Hana Highway.

Also here is a small bonus collection of tropical road photos, from my Puerto Rico road trip on Labor Day weekend 2002.
Here's some stuff on my favorite hot springs from my travels out West, including several pages of photos.
My Road Geek Souvenirs Collection
Formerly "Road Geek T-shirt Collection." T-shirts and other souvenirs from some of the highways I traveled, and interesting places along the way, on my many road trips.
Alaska Roads (under construction) Misc. Highway Photos (under construction)
Just a first step for a forthcoming guide to Alaska's highway system, to complete my coverage of the states west of the Pacific time zone. The starter page now online includes links to some photos from my 1994, 2001, 2007, and 2009 road trips (more to follow).
Also here are some more photos from cool northern places, from my Newfoundland road trip in August 2003 (with more to follow, from my trip to both Newfoundland and Labrador in August-September 2011).
Get your kicks on (former) route 666! Warp down the Extraterrestrial Highway, and see me in the Arctic Ocean near the end of Alaska's Dalton Highway! Here's some miscellaneous road photos from my various travels, including links to my photo collections on other web sites (both my own and those maintained by others).

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