Oscar's Miscellaneous Highway Photos
Last revised: September 2007

Get your kicks on Route 666!

(Cortez CO, 9/98 -- US 666 renumbered to US 491 in 2003)

This is a central index to my more interesting road photos, both on my own sites and those of other "road geeks."

There are several collections that consist mostly of my own road photos, from Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Nevada:

Hawaii road photos (9/99, 10/99, 5/00, 11/01, 5/05, 6/05) (over 330 photos, part of my Hawaii Highways site), and small subsets of those photos focusing on Hawaii road signs, old-style Hawaii cutout route markers, Hawaii Interstate ends, and Hawaii state/county route ends
Dalton Highway (AK 11) Photo Journey (7/94, 7/01) (update from original version, on Andy Field's NHS/ISTEA/TEA-21 High Priority Corridors site), along with some other Alaska road photo collections covering the endpoints of Alaska's unsigned Interstate routes (6/01, 7/01), the Christmas-themed community of North Pole near Fairbanks (7/01), the access road to Whittier AK (including a unique 2.5-mile long one-lane auto/rail tunnel) (6/01), the then-unguarded border crossing between Stewart BC and ghost town of Hyder AK and same crossing from Hyder to Stewart (7/94), and Anchor Point AK (westernmost point on North American highway system) (7/94)
Extraterrestrial Highway (NV 375) photos (9/98) (part of Andy Field's Nevada State Highways site)

Puerto Rico road photos (incl. road signs and Interstate ends) (8/02)

Newfoundland and other Maritime Provinces road photos (incl. license plates, and some northern Maine photos) (5/04)

Other photos of mine are scattered among several other web sites, including:
Utah 95 bridge over Lake Powell (9/98) (Dan Stober's Utah Highways pages)
Virginia route ends and cutout signs included (along with many other people's photos) in Mike Roberson's and Adam Froehlig's Virginia State Highway Endings collection, and Adam Prince's Virginia Cutouts Collection
In addition, here are a few of my favorites that don't fit elsewhere, so I've put them on my own web space for your viewing pleasure. The following photos are here only temporarily, and may be removed on short notice if I need the space for something else, or if I can find a good home for them somewhere else. If you like any of these pictures and want them to stay, or -- better still -- want to move them to your own site, please e-mail me.
Natchez Trace Parkway wooden route marker in Mississippi (9/86)
Zzyzx Rd. exit on I-15 northbound between Barstow and Las Vegas (?/87)
"Interstate 29" and "US 110" sign goofs in the Washington, D.C. area (12/00) (I-29 goof fixed as of 4/25/01)
US 64 bridge high above the Rio Grande near Taos NM, and part of its distinctive bridge railing, incorporating the "zia" symbol widely used in New Mexico (7/02)
"Dinosaur crossing" sign on US 287/385 north of Boise City OK, advertising the town's dinosaur museum (8/06)
Me, standing next to the sign at the entrance to Joe, Montana (officially Ismay), including a 1-800 number soliciting donations (no longer there when I returned in 2006) (6/96)
Unofficial sign on US 12 eastbound, pointing travellers to Joe, Montana, and the new "Joe Montana Center" housing town offices and the volunteer fire department (8/06)
The Lawrence Welk Highway (US 83 through Emmons County ND), which passes within a few miles of the entertainer's birthplace (8/06)
US 56/412 route marker in northeastern New Mexico, with both route numbers on a single shield (8/06)
One of the streetlamps with alien faces, near the UFO Museum in downtown Roswell NM (8/06)
A rather Orwellian "The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You" sign, at a rest area on US 59 southwest of Texarkana, asking cellphone users to report criminal activity (8/06)

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