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Up to my neck in hot water and loving it, at one of my favorite places, Valley View Hot Springs in Colorado (in its large waist-deep, body-temperature, "party pool")

I have visited more than seven dozen hot springs, most of them on several trips out West (where the best hot springs are), since I first took up hot springing on a road trip to Alaska in summer 1994. It's fun relaxing in a pool fed by natural, non-chlorinated, hot water -- especially in a natural hot tub at the end of a vigorous hike (the "price of admission" for many of the nicest hot springs).

I'm not exactly an authority on this subject. I live in Virginia, which is on the wrong side of the country for a hot springer, and so I can't visit hot springs as often as I'd like. (I've met truly serious -- maybe fanatical -- hot springers who say they're visited hundreds, or even thousands, of springs!) What I do know, much of it you'll find by following these links:

The hot springs I've visited, and the ones I liked the most

My hot springs photos (six pages, download sizes ~ 181K, 265K, 315K, 95K, 222K, and 122K, plus a smaller page of related non-hot springs photos)

Where to find out more about hot springs

My Hot Springs and Highways home page

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