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This final page of my hot springs photos collection focuses on Arizona and New Mexico, with photos from my fall 1998 and summer 2002 road trips. 

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Black Rock Hot Springs is one of a pair of hot springs on the banks of the Rio Grande northwest of Taos. This is one of the two Black Rock pools, next to the west bank of the river. (July 2002)

The main pool at Stagecoach (Manby) Hot Springs, on the east bank of the Rio Grande a few miles downstream from Black Rock. Like Black Rock's pools, Stagecoach's are drowned when the river runs high; my visit to both was during a drought, so the river level was low. (July 2002)
A shallower and cooler pool (with less separation from the cold river water) at Stagecoach, about a hundred feet downstream from the one shown above left. On the other side of the river is the remnant of an old stagecoach road, leading to a washed-out bridge to the rest of the old road (which provides a gentle foot trail to the springs). (July 2002)

The ruins of the old bathhouse (now empty, without any soaking pools), built at Stagecoach when the springs were under private ownership. The owner also operated the old coach road into and out of the Rio Grande gorge, carrying travelers between Taos and the train station at Tres Piedras. He sought to use his springs to soak (so to speak) travelers for even more profit. (July 2002)
Stagecoach also has a small soaking pool, for those who just want to get their feet wet in warm water. (July 2002)
At San Antonio Hot Springs in northern New Mexico, one of several hot springs in the Jemez Mountains, looking down the hot creek from one of the pools to the access road in the background. (September 1998)
The main outdoor hot pool at Verde Hot Springs in central Arizona, next to the Verde River in the ruins of an old hot springs resort. (Since it's 23 miles over a rough unpaved road from the highway, it's no surprise the resort went under.) There are some small hot pools in little caves off the path beyond the stairs. (October 1998)

The entrance to the small (4-6 person) indoor hot pool at Verde Hot Springs. (October 1998) Some of the artwork around the indoor hot pool at Verde Hot Springs. If you go, make sure to bring your camera! (October 1998)

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